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KF Technology develops and distributes also in Europe equipment, systems and services for scientific research. 

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We distribute primy companies in the field and for this special advertisment we Kf_technology(1)_txare very proud to be partner with these companies :

Precise Programmable Syringe Pumps

The New Era Pump Systems,  programmable syringe pumps provide an affordable solution to your sophisticated dispensing and flow control applications. Our syringe pumps offer the best value on the market by having high end features with unbelievable pricing. Features include infusion and withdrawal, computer interface and advanced programming options. 



"Advanced Solution for Medical & Scientific Research"

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The Science of Inhalation Anesthesia for Laboratory Animals
VetEquip has specialized in advancing the science of inhalation anesthesia in the research environment and has dedicated itself to developing the world's finest and most progressive anesthesia delivery systems for use with laboratory animals.  

Neuroscience & Physiology

A-M Systems is a leading global manufacturer and distributor of high-quality respiratory care products and precision neurophysiology instruments with the goal of making health care innovation and efficiency affordable. The Neurophysiology Division designs, manufactures and distributes a wide range of scientific A-M Systems Physiology Instrument Circuitboard. Instruments, including stimulators, intra- and extracellular amplifiers, and patch clamps. Leading universities and research institutions worldwide use our instruments and accessories, including electrodes, insulated wires and capillary tubing, to perform ground-breaking investigations into learning and memory, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases, and models of stroke, deafness and blindness.

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